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A brief guide to the Clone A Pussy DIY kit


The sex toy giant Empire Labs was formed in 1996, and since then, they have produced high-quality molding components and materials to please adults all across the globe. Their reputation has been primarily built on word-of-mouth recommendations.


In 1997 the company produced a kit to create a hyper-realistic penis model for a commercial film. Looking at its success, they decided to mass-produce the same for users all across the globe.

Their mission was to create unique, affordable, and high-quality products that would let anyone clone their privates. Empire Labs produced a range of clone-a-pussy and clone-a-willy products that are not only fancy and effective but also very affordable.


The Packaging of the DIY


The Clone A Pussy from Twice Tonight was packaged in unsuspecting brown-paper packaging. This is good if you’re looking to get your toys at complete discretion.


Once you unwrap your brown paper, you see a delightfully branded box containing everything you need to create a mold of a vulva and a silicone clone. Eventually, you end up with a personalized masturbator that you can gift your lover or whoever you desire.

Also, when I opened the two kits I ordered, I was greeted with “Fully Fuckable” and “Clone it & Bone it” on two greeting cards. They gave me a good chuckle, which is a rather cute move by the brand.


Inside the Kit box


The Clone A Pussy Plus Kit was built on the success of the original clone.

With this version, you get the following items:

  • One ready-made sleeve inside the white ABS stroker container.
  • One black mixing and molding bowl.
  • Two pots contain the silicone and its activator.
  • 3 wooden mixing sticks.
  • Two pouches of the alginate powder.
  • 1 clear silicone sleeve
  • One sachet of water-based lube.
  • One pamphlet with easy-to-follow instructions.


Now, before you ditch the pamphlet for over youtube video, lemme clarify… there is only one cardinal rule with this kit: “READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.”


I thought I read them carefully, but I still managed to mess up the timing with one of the steps and get a gooey clumpy mix!

Besides the items mentioned above, you will also need a couple of other pieces of household equipment to make the process much easier.


The Procedure


I won’t bore you with the entire procedure; however, let me get the essential points on board first. The procedure comprises 3 broad steps:


Making of the vagina mold cast


Before starting with this procedure, check out the example positions in the instruction manual to be comfortable during the molding step.

Stick to the strict instructions, especially regarding time, temperature, and volume. The temperature is most important; if your water is too hot, it will solidify too quickly, and if it’s too cold, it might not mix well and never solidify.

Also, let the alginate set before clearing up any overflowing bits, as it is much easier to remove once hard.

When pressing the cast against your body, press it firmly and make it immovable. Any movement can soil the cast and cause deformities.


Making the silicone mold


This is a more straightforward step where you must make the silicone solution and pour it into the vagina mold.

When mixing the silicone, do it as gently as possible to avoid trapped bubbles.

Try to get as much silicone as possible and then leave it overnight to set. Once thoroughly mixed, slowly pour the mixture into the masturbator. The silicone will hit the ball and roll down under it; the ball will help pop any bubbles.


The assembly


Now, remove the lid of the masturbator, throw away the alginate mold and pull the cast away from the body of the masturbator.

Place the pussy clone back into the masturbator body and trim any thin bits overflowing from the side of your casting with scissors. Then place the cast into the top of the masturbator body, ensuring that it locks in place, and you are done.

The slit formed by the plastic piece allows your partner’s penis to push through your vagina, casting into the sleeve behind it. If your partner is very girthy, you can widen the slit carefully using scissors or a sharp knife.


The Performance


I gave my vagina mold fleshlight to one of my partners for his review. Initially, he wasn’t very excited as he isn’t a massive fan of fleshlights, but in his words, this toy “Blew his mind,” and he felt “ecstatic” using it.

He mentioned that the inner textures of the toy weren’t the best and could be worked on. However, the fact that he got a personalized fleshlight that looks exactly (from the outside) like my vulva is highly arousing. So now, this has become one of his favorite sex toys during his solo sessions.