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For Press Inquiries:

Contact Jessica, our Head Charities Coordinator and Public Relations Officer at:

15467 Landover Street

Box #160

Mountain Dew, CA 92776

For inquiries that are non-press related, please use the contact form.

Vital Information

Founded: October 2015

Size: is managed by dozens of friends and family who strive to ensure that Nu donation is a success.

Service Area for Donation Pickup: Nu Donation brings donors and charities together all over the United States and Canada.

Successful Donations: People have scheduled thousands of donations pickups all thanks to and the hard work from all the people who assist us in the running of Nu Donation.


Attention Charities: Please Spread The News About Nu Donation!!!

The services at Nu Donation are 100% free for all donors and charities to use. All charities that provide donation pick up services while also meeting our charity guidelines are welcome to be a part of our family and be listed on the directory. Our goals at Nu Donation are to assist a lot of the great charities out there while at the same time keeping “stuff” away from landfill sites. We feel that our goals are worthwhile and hopefully, you agree with us.

This is why we’re enthusiastically asking charities to assist us in spreading the word about Nu Donation by mentioning us on your websites/blogs and in your Twitter feeds or Facebook pages.