About our Project

At Nu Donation, we provide the best means on the internet for you to donate clothing and other household items to charity. The initial plan we had for this site when it was developed in October 2015 was for it to be an online-based directory of charities that render donation pick-up services. It soon became very clear to us that a resource which is totally dedicated to the donation of clothing and general household items was greatly needed. There is a huge number of websites that are fully focused on donating money while some others are committed to the donation of non-cash goods. We are proud to say that Nu Donation belongs to the latter group!

There are a lot of benefits that come with giving your old items to charity, and these are;

  1. Donations are tax-deductible
  2. Your items support a lot of great charitable causes
  3. You do your bit for the environment by donating and keeping your items away from landfill sites
  4. You become more organized. The clutter in your garage and closets can be cleared

How the Donation Process Works

  1. You have some items to donate
  2. You log onto the Nu Donation website – www.nudonation.com
  3. Check our list of charities that can pick up your donations
  4. Charities that need the household goods and clothing you want to donate will come to your home to pick them up. You are eligible for tax deductions on your donations.

Our Story

Nudonation.com was conceived as a way of helping charities access more donations. Our inspiration was basically the need to create a platform that would encourage more people to make charitable donations. During our research, we found that some websites were focused on people who wanted to give their time through volunteering, while there were other great websites for people who had the intentions of giving money to a specific cause. However, we couldn’t find any resource for those who wanted to donate non-cash items such as household items and clothing, to charity. We then dug deeper to discover that a lot of the charities were willing to pick up donations at people’s homes, for free. So, that informed the basic idea of a website where people can connect with charities and also schedule a pick-up of donations.

Free Service

All donors and charities can use our service for free. Our main reason for being here is to serve as a platform where donors and charities can connect, which is why we do not accept any kind of monetary donations.

Our Staff and Volunteers

At Nu Donation, our volunteers cut across a wide range of professions; lawyers, accountants, teachers, bankers, non-working mums, ministers, and a lot of other people with a passion for community service. The exceptional talent and the different perspectives inherent in each and every one are brought to bear on a daily basis to guarantee Nu Donation’s place as the best online resource for people who want to give their clothing and household items to charity.

Nu Donation would be simply impossible without the impact of these people, and we say a big thank you!

Please give your support to a local charity. Donate today!