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Donate Clothing and Household Stuff To Your Local Charity


Are you aware that a lot of charities will happily send a truck to pick up donations of used clothing and other household items from your home?’s donation pickup service directory links donors with charities from all over the country who will pick up your donations for free. Our directory includes charities that accept the donation of a wide range of items such as furniture, toys, clothing, shoes, general household items, and a lot more.

A comprehensive list of things we accept as donations is available here. Most of the charities on our website will accept virtually everything. So, this is the time for you to clean out those closets and garages! Assist a local charity by donating your used clothing and household items!

Your Donations are FREE, Tax-deductible, and Environmentally Friendly serves as a resource for the most comprehensive listing of charities that are happy to pick up donations at your home, for free. Our not-for-profit charities will give you an IRS tax deduction receipt every time you make a donation and you are free to donate to any charity of your choice.

Thank you for the support you’ve shown the following charitable causes and local charities;

  • Goodwill Donation
  • Salvation Army Donation
  • Vietnam Veterans Donation
  • Arc Donation
  • Humane Society Donation
  • Hospice Donation
  • Habitat for Humanity Donation
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation
  • And loads of other charities that have been of service to children’s charities, the homeless, faith-based charities, veterans’ charities, medical charities, disability charities, and more!!!!

When you donate your clothing and household items, you are supporting great charities locally and across the nation.

Answers To All Your Questions Regarding Donation Pick Up! was setup out of our realization that there exists a sizeable number of donors all over Canada and the United States who would love to give their old household items and clothing to a local charity but didn’t have a resource to link them with the charities. So we created a resource that these generous donors would find useful in making a smart donation.

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like; where can I donate furniture and clothes? What charities provide donation pickup in my area? How can I schedule a pickup of my donations? Do I get a tax deduction on my charitable donation? Then you’re at the right place because can answer these questions and more!

Take a trip around our website and you’ll discover all the information you need about making a smart and informed donation. We are here to assist you anytime you want to book a donation pick-up.

The NuDonation Guide on What to Get Dad for Christmas


One of the most exciting things for most people at Christmas is the act of buying gifts from charity shops and Nu Donation is no exception as we have an extensive range of magnificent new/decent second-hand stuff for the family. Dads are generally renowned for being the most difficult people to buy a special gift for. Whether it’s what to get dad for Christmas, the big birthday, or a ‘’just because’ treat, it is always nothing short of hard work getting the perfect gift that’d put a broad smile on your dad’s lips.

A father-child bond is always a prized thing. A dad makes you feel loved and valued while teaching you the best ways to respect other people. He shows you the true meaning of having a meaningful conversation with an older person, while also protecting you when you were vulnerable and honoring you as an individual. Choosing a Christmas gift for your dad requires special and careful consideration involving some research into the sorts of gifts men usually appreciate and a lot of thought about who he is as a person.

Moreover, because dads are human, they also have an assortment of different interests. Nu Donation has organized dad’s interests into diverse categories which make it simpler for you to decide on the type of Christmas gift he might like.

By taking your dad’s interests into consideration, you stand a better chance of making a well-informed decision about what to get dad for Christmas. In addition to that, an added benefit of this strategy is that it helps you choose the perfect gift in no time.



Make a Charity Impact – Gynexol Cream Reviews: Is it effective, Where to Purchase, and How to Use

The majority of the men worldwide are a victim of the condition known as Gynecomastia. It is also known as “man boobs,” meaning the enlargement and growth of breasts in both men and boys. This condition often leads to psychological damage rather than the physical damage most especially their self-confidence and self-esteem. Some men and boys also go through little pains in their breast region. According to researchers, the gynecomastia condition could lead to a deficiency in attitudes, general health, social functioning, mental health and eating behaviours for victims.

Does Gynexol Cream Work

Taking into account some Gynexol Reviews, its speed of results, effectiveness, and long-term results warrant at least 4 stars. It works well immediately it has been applied on the very first day with results visible after 14 days. It leads to your torso being firmer. Your chest would have been compressed already in just five to six weeks. Make sure you use the cream for four months with constant use for you to get the best results thereby reducing the size of your breasts. The majority of the patients that have used the sculpting cream have already expressed satisfaction with the outcome. They gave good comments concerning the products via a couple of the online reviews.

Gynexol Price and Where to Purchase

This product, Gynexol sculpting cream, can be bought online. One tube of Gynexol sculpting cream goes for $79.95 and this should be enough for you for the next one month. Two tubes are at $138.95 and this should last for two months at least while the three tubes are sold at $193.85 which is enough for three months’ supply.

Gynexol How to Use

Use the cream on your boobs once every day after you have taken your bath. Make sure your boobs absorb the cream and do this constantly for a period of four months to achieve the best results possible.


Donate Your Used Furniture to Charity: Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

Looking for a new home for your couch that is gathering dirt in your garage? Have the kids outgrown their bunk beds with stairs? Maybe you’re expecting a new baby and it’s important to create some space for the little one? Or have you recently redecorated and you’re now trying to make room for chairs, your favorite recliner, buffets, tables, file cabinet, or the chest of drawers? Is the new TV bigger than the old television stand? Whatever the reason, whatever the item, your donations of moderately used furniture will be appreciated by a lot of local charities. Please fill in your Zip code on the scheduling webpage for donation pickup to get a free furniture pickup.

Making a Furniture Donation

maxtrix-parallel-bunk-bed-naturalWhen you donate furniture to charity you make a massive difference to the lives of the less fortunate. For instance, your used couch can assist a budget-strapped family to make a home that’s more comfortable. Old bedroom furniture can give succor to someone going through a change such as an abuse victim, someone who just lost his job, a previously homeless person, and a refugee. Best bunk beds with stairs that are no longer needed by your kids can be donated to a family that needs them. will assist you in locating a nearby charity and scheduling a furniture donation pickup that is fast and free.

Can I schedule a fast and free furniture donation pickup?

Yes, you can. And all that’s required is a few minutes on Log on today to locate a nearby charity in need of your furniture donations, and donations of other household items. It’s as simple as that! is here to assist you in making the most of those charitable donations.

Donate Your Dog Playpen and Other Pet Supplies to Charity

Donations of pet and animal supplies such as a dog playpen that is no longer needed are really appreciated by the shelters and charities that are registered with To get more information about donating supplies, please read on.

224-05_3Do you have food items such as puppy, dog, and cat food, or other necessities like kennels, collars, toys, harnesses, leads, beds, etc. to give to charity and you are not sure where to begin? is the perfect place to get started! We will connect you to an animal shelter or charity in your community that will happily accept your donations. If you prefer to set up a free, fast pick up of all donations, you can do that within minutes.

Most of us have extra pet food and supplies that would be too much for our pets – or things that they have outgrown or don’t use anymore. It could be a dog toy, or perhaps you’ve just bought new dog beds and there’s no space for the old set. Perhaps you’ve made a decision that the piles and heaps of pet blankets that you’ve been accumulating over the years are no longer necessary, or your puppy has outgrown his dog playpen. Donating pet supplies and necessities to charity can give a new lease of life to these goods by making them useful and valuable to the animals that really need them.

What charities accept pet food and supplies? will assist you in finding a charity or animal shelter in your community that will take your pet food supplies and other necessities off your hands. Your items will go to charities such as Hope for Paws, PetSmart Charities, Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), different animal shelters and rescues, and much more! is the place to discover the animal shelter or charity near you eagerly waiting for your donations.

Nudonation Gets Support from the Pages Blanches

Thanks to one of our writers at who also happens to double as a student of French, we get to learn that Pages Blanches are the French words for White Pages. So, as the title of the article states, the White pages will be supporting animals that need a home by featuring greyhounds on the front pages of the books to be distributed to residents.

les_pages_blanchesThe cover, which is set to feature Madely and Cosley the greyhound, will also feature members of the Gate family, who all reside in Launceston, Virginia. This is being done in a bid to provide some much-needed support to the Animal support division of, so as to encourage all the efforts and work that is being put into sourcing for pet supplies and donations for the animal welfare charities and shelters all across the United States.

A group manager in the organization SENSIS, Steven Harvey, stated that all the affiliated organizations to the Animal support division of Nudonation all across the country would feature nationally on the covers for each directory.

“In Launceston, Virginia, we have aligned with a greyhound rehoming charity, Greyhound Haven, who assist with finding homes for lost greyhounds, something we think is a really good cause,” he stated.

According to Harvey, the pages will be distributed throughout Launceston during the course of the year.

“We’re sure a lot of residents will see the cover photos as very engaging.”

A member of the Gate family, David Gate, said he is quite hopeful that the cover will create awareness for all the other greyhounds in need.

“They (greyhounds) are a breed that is largely misunderstood by a lot of people. They are often expected to be aggressive but most times the opposite is the case.” He said.

Across all the stakeholders of this brilliant initiative, it is hoped that the support of the Pages Blanches is the beginning of greater things to come and better times for all our pets.

Boost Your Performance on Charity Miles with the SST 60

In times past you could only give money to good causes through a pen and a checkbook but with the advent of the internet our notion of “giving to charity” has been rejuvenated, leading to an unparalleled age of viral philanthropy and citizenry, beckoning on online communities to assist people in need. The growing accessibility of mobile phones and apps such as Charity Miles, along with the impact of a supplement like the SST 60 contribute to a great idea for social good.

performix-sstCharity Miles is the simplest way to incorporate philanthropy into your everyday workout by creating awareness and earning money for charities every time you exercise. All you have to do is turn on the app, select a charity of your choice, then press start. The app calculates the distance of the route covered. Runners and walkers earn 25 cents every mile, while bikers earn 10 cents every mile.

Through Charity Miles, you can meet your workout targets while at the same time have a positive influence on the world. It’s also possible to team up with other Charity Miles members and your friends or even go on Facebook or Twitter to share your workouts thereby creating healthy competition amongst each other and achieve a bigger impact together. It’s not all about making money for charity. Moving with purpose transforms us from the inside. It changes our perception of the world, and how we make small everyday decisions.

Charity Miles works in four simple steps;

  1. Download the app
  2. Select your preferred charity from our over 40 charities
  3. Track your activity mileage as you run, walk, or bike
  4. Earn money for your charity with every mile you move

Incorporating the SST 60 supplement into your workout will invariably result in you doing more for your charity.

Donate To Florida Drug Rehab Centers through Us

We are also able to take donations for Florida drug rehab centers that are working closely with the local communities to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. being one of the best donation charities in the country supports a lot of research on the implications and treatment of drug abuse and addiction. receives funding in partnership with local and national organizations for research purposes. We are authorized to accept donations to support our research activities through the Nudonation Gift Fund.

Donations are handled through the Nudonation Gift Fund by mailing checks or money orders made payable to the “Nudonation Gift Fund” and sent to:

Contact Dave, our Head Charities Gift Fund at:

15467 Landover Street

Box #160

Mountain Dew, CA 92776

bw-smallPlease include a cover letter or note giving an indication that the donation is intended to be used in support of the drug and alcohol abuse research drive of Nudonation. It is important that the donor’s name(s) and their address(es) are included in the letter.

  • For donations made in the honor or memory of someone or particular Florida drug rehab centers, please include the names of the individual and also the name(s) and address(es) of the people or centers you wish Nudonation to acknowledge. Every donation made to us will be acknowledged with a letter saying thank you.
  • For donations made in support of a specific Nudonation research area, please indicate the name of an office, lab, or research type.

It is important to remember the standard rule that tax deductions made as a result of your donations can only be applied in the calendar year in which those donations have been physically made. All donations that are made starting from January 1st of each year and throughout that year, will only be eligible for deduction in that year.

Local Charity Soars on a Lenkmatten Courtesy of Grant

A power kite, steering mat or Lenkmatten in German, is a huge kite designed to deliver a substantial amount of pull to the user. That interesting feature of the gear has culminated in the award of a grant by one of the biggest Sport for Development charities in the United States to TrueKite, a charity based in California which is on a mission to change the perception of people to disability.

TrueKite, which was founded in 2010 by a Los Angeles resident, as the first charity in the world dedicated to the use of kite sports to educate, support, help, and develop people who have mental health, physical, and learning disabilities. The organization makes use of all types of kite sports; power kiting, land-based static, water-based kite surfing, and land-based traction activities, such as buggies and boards, to assist individuals to boost their self-esteem and self-worth while acting as a catalyst for achievement and change.

The grant is supposed to be used for the growth and development of the charity and also to protect its long-term future, to ensure that a growing number of young people with disabilities are given the chance to access and take part in kite sports. To guarantee the viability of the club in the coming years, the funding will be expended on new equipment, employing a development coordinator, and training young non-disabled and disabled people as qualified paid instructors and coaches.

TrueKite works with youngsters from a wide range of different backgrounds, including substance misuse and mental health, while also working with referral units and support charities for young people. That makes it absolutely necessary to have a focal point of management in the development coordinator to push forward the broader strategic targets of the charity. The grant will also assist the charity in stocking up on equipment such as the Lenkmatten so as to broaden the spectrum of kite-related experiences on offer to people with disabilities.



Pet Hair from Our Donations: Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Animal supplies donations are really appreciated by the shelters and charities that are on the register. And because we get a lot of pet supplies as donations we sometimes have to deal with having to remove pet hair once in a while. To do this effectively, we need to use the best vacuum for pet hair so that the work is done effectively.

cr_home-pet-hair-vacume-598-8-15Although it can be challenging to pin down just a great vacuum for a range of applications and in a quest to find a suitable vacuum cleaner for pet hair you could be confused as to what type of machine will be the best in terms of performance. There is actually nothing as inconveniencing than having to deal with a lot of pet hair just after taking delivery of a donation of pet supplies. The best way to prevent this problem is to clean up the dog hair on a more regular basis but that’s an issue that would have to be dealt with by our donors. It’s possible to groom dogs regularly to get rid of excess hair, but there’d still be dog hair on the floor and in other places and removal will be necessary.

The search for the best vacuum for pet hair is taken quite seriously by a lot of people. Problems like pet dander can make it problematic for people with serious allergies to deal with having pets around, but with an effective pet hair vacuum, pet dander can be reduced a great deal, and pet hair can be kept under control. Tile floors and hardwood floors have the propensity to gather hair, so it’s important to get a vacuum cleaner that will do a great job of removing pet hair from the floors in addition to upholstery, curtains, and furniture.





Will You Be Donating Your Top Running Shoes For Flat Feet 2017 to Charity?

In the process of tidying up your home, you can give your household items to charity as a way of getting rid of items from the home. Moreover, looking ahead to the New Year and assuming you have you have a pair of your top running shoes for flat feet 2017 to donate to charity, what is the best way of going about it?

There are some basic rules to have at the back of your mind before donating items you no longer need to charity.

  1. Decide on the best charity for your specific donations

There are a lot of different charities that take on household item donations, and they all use these materials in distinct ways or endeavor to give them to people (or animals) in need.

Basically, if you have enough energy and time while getting rid of stuff it can be good to consider what stuff to give to which organizations. There are homeless shelters, animals shelters, food banks, women shelters, schools, and a lot more that are able to accept and would appreciate certain types of items.

  1. Ensure You Provide Items through the Specified Channels

lifestyleCharities are always grateful to receive the items you’ve used, but you could also do them a favor and ensure that you comply with laid down donation guidelines to make it easy for them to get your items without having to incur any extra expenses.

A lot of these charities rely on volunteer labor to assist them to sort through donations, or sometimes they have to pay staff to do the work. Either way, think about the cost involved and donate items in a way that makes it easy for the charity.

For instance, some charities are happy to do a pickup of your donation. If you schedule such a pick up for your top running shoes for flat feet 2017 or indicate that you’re willing to participate in a pickup happening in your neighborhood on a given date, ensure you have your items ready when the charity gets there.



Root Canal Treatment: Useful Guide That Gave Me More Information on Treating My Infected Tooth Nerve

I recently did a root canal treatment, and it was all thanks to this useful guide that gave me more information on treating my infected tooth nerve. Although I’ve had a few root canal treatments, this last one seems to be the best.

Let me share my experiences with you, I have undergone about 3 or 4 root canal treatments. The first one went very well, I was in Singapore on holiday when I started experiencing tooth pain, so I decided to visit a local dentist. The dentist was very good and had quite a neat and tidy office. It was clear that this is one of the most in-demand dentist in Singapore with the way people were trooping in and out of the clinic.

I had another one after that where I was diagnosed as having an infected root canal, and another one where the dentist recommended than an endodontic treatment would have to be done. However I had one yesterday that didn’t hurt as much as the others, I got the dentist’s information after doing a search for root canal treatment Singapore.

The tooth was not hurting when I went to the clinic but they decided I needed one. The dentist stuck a needle into my tooth and canal, there was a bit of pain but it wasn’t much. After a while, I felt a bit of pain again, but it wasn’t unbearable. The dentist then filled the roots and pressed something down and this time the pain was awful. All the numbing left my jaw throbbing, although afterward, I felt a bit sore but not too bad. The next day was an improvement on the first. There was still a bit of soreness but it wasn’t awful. My advice is; ensure they numb you completely, or if possible just knock you out before the procedure is done.



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