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Donate Clothing and Household Stuff To Your Local Charity


Are you aware that a lot of charities will happily send a truck to pick up donations of used clothing and other household items from your home?’s donation pickup service directory links donors with charities from all over the country who will pick up your donations for free. Our directory includes charities that accept the donation of a wide range of items such as furniture, toys, clothing, shoes, general household items, and a lot more.

A comprehensive list of things we accept as donations is available here. Most of the charities on our website will accept virtually everything. So, this is the time for you to clean out those closets and garages! Assist a local charity by donating your used clothing and household items!

Your Donations are FREE, Tax-deductible, and Environmentally Friendly serves as a resource for the most comprehensive listing of charities that are happy to pick up donations at your home, for free. Our not-for-profit charities will give you an IRS tax deduction receipt every time you make a donation and you are free to donate to any charity of your choice.

Thank you for the support you’ve shown the following charitable causes and local charities;

  • Goodwill Donation
  • Salvation Army Donation
  • Vietnam Veterans Donation
  • Arc Donation
  • Humane Society Donation
  • Hospice Donation
  • Habitat for Humanity Donation
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation
  • And loads of other charities that have been of service to children’s charities, the homeless, faith-based charities, veterans’ charities, medical charities, disability charities, and more!!!!

When you donate your clothing and household items, you are supporting great charities locally and across the nation.

Answers To All Your Questions Regarding Donation Pick Up! was setup out of our realization that there exists a sizeable number of donors all over Canada and the United States who would love to give their old household items and clothing to a local charity but didn’t have a resource to link them with the charities. So we created a resource that these generous donors would find useful in making a smart donation.

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like; where can I donate furniture and clothes? What charities provide donation pickup in my area? How can I schedule a pickup of my donations? Do I get a tax deduction on my charitable donation? Then you’re at the right place because can answer these questions and more!

Take a trip around our website and you’ll discover all the information you need about making a smart and informed donation. We are here to assist you anytime you want to book a donation pick-up.

InVision Subtitling and NuDonation

subtitlingIt is very reassuring to learn that not only is InVision Subtitling a high-quality captioning company based in UK, but it also is a major asset to society. The reason for this is that InVision Subtitling regularly contributes a significant amount of money to NuDnation. NuDonation is a nowadays worldwide operating charity institution with a non-religious mission: we help any person in need, no matter what religion, sex, nationality, color, location. NuDonation is glad to have many supporters all over the world and,  therefore, NuDonation can help people in need support no matter where they are. InVision is an international operating company since it translates and subtitles over 80 languages. Their homebase is in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Europe. Let me tell you more about InVision Subtitling.

Subtitles can be translated in any language. In-Vision Subtitling not only specializes in translations into the traditional languages like English, German, French and Dutch, but In-Vision Subtitling also delivers superior quality in translations into rather not so obvious languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

In translation services it might look as if translating films, series and videos is an easy task as many films, series and videos involve the use of everyday language. However, if we want to communicate precisely what we see on television, there are quite a few hospital or police series that involve medical and forensic terms and movies that deal with environment protection, diplomacy and multiple other fields. Therefore the translator of movies must be prepared for any surprise that may occur in a film, series or video.

There is more to subtitling and translating subtitles than one realizes at first. Only a professional subtitling company like InVision Subtitling can turn your video or movie into the success you have in mind.

Translating and subtitling (captioning) is a profession full of challenges that complicated languages constantly bring along. Each order from a client is different, each order requires different skills. InVision Subtitling not only wants to deliver excellent services in subtitling and translating, the company is also keen on returning something to societies worldwide.

And that is exactly why InVision Subtitling is a long-term supporter of NU-donation. Until so far, due to the support of InVision Subtitling, water and food supply, farming, education, hospitals have been investing in schooling, nursing and feeding the poor. Also hygienic subjects are important. Thanks to InVision Subtitling, many poor people in need are worldwide able to live under better circumstances.

The NuDonation Guide on What to Get Dad for Christmas


One of the most exciting things for most people at Christmas is the act of buying gifts from charity shops and Nu Donation is no exception as we have an extensive range of magnificent new/decent second-hand stuff for the family. Dads are generally renowned for being the most difficult people to buy a special gift for. Whether it’s what to get dad for Christmas, the big birthday, or a ‘’just because’ treat, it is always nothing short of hard work getting the perfect gift that’d put a broad smile on your dad’s lips.

A father-child bond is always a prized thing. A dad makes you feel loved and valued while teaching you the best ways to respect other people. He shows you the true meaning of having a meaningful conversation with an older person, while also protecting you when you were vulnerable and honoring you as an individual. Choosing a Christmas gift for your dad requires special and careful consideration involving some research into the sorts of gifts men usually appreciate and a lot of thought about who he is as a person.

Moreover, because dads are human, they also have an assortment of different interests. Nu Donation has organized dad’s interests into diverse categories which make it simpler for you to decide on the type of Christmas gift he might like.

By taking your dad’s interests into consideration, you stand a better chance of making a well-informed decision about what to get dad for Christmas. In addition to that, an added benefit of this strategy is that it helps you choose the perfect gift in no time.




Donate Your Used Furniture to Charity: Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

Looking for a new home for your couch that is gathering dirt in your garage? Have the kids outgrown their bunk beds with stairs? Maybe you’re expecting a new baby and it’s important to create some space for the little one? Or have you recently redecorated and you’re now trying to make room for chairs, your favorite recliner, buffets, tables, file cabinet, or the chest of drawers? Is the new TV bigger than the old television stand? Whatever the reason, whatever the item, your donations of moderately used furniture will be appreciated by a lot of local charities. Please fill in your Zip code on the scheduling webpage for donation pickup to get a free furniture pickup.

Making a Furniture Donation

maxtrix-parallel-bunk-bed-naturalWhen you donate furniture to charity you make a massive difference to the lives of the less fortunate. For instance, your used couch can assist a budget-strapped family to make a home that’s more comfortable. Old bedroom furniture can give succor to someone going through a change such as an abuse victim, someone who just lost his job, a previously homeless person, and a refugee. Best bunk beds with stairs that are no longer needed by your kids can be donated to a family that needs them. will assist you in locating a nearby charity and scheduling a furniture donation pickup that is fast and free.

Can I schedule a fast and free furniture donation pickup?

Yes, you can. And all that’s required is a few minutes on Log on today to locate a nearby charity in need of your furniture donations, and donations of other household items. It’s as simple as that! is here to assist you in making the most of those charitable donations.

Nudonation Free Dental Work – The Best Dental Insurance

The California Dental Society (CaDS) Foundation Clinic was opened in 2012 to provide free primary dental care to patients who can’t afford the best dental insurance and who reside in the Crate, Mountain Dew, or Praten counties in California. The Foundation has teamed up with to bring this service to our residents.

Where is the Clinic Situated?

The clinic is located in the Weston Oaks Professional Building at 346 West County Road in Weston.  This professional building is one block west of Shaperville Road and offers ample parking space to both volunteers and patients. The office can also be accessed by the #456 bus, which also stops at Weston’s Canortra Train station.

Who is this for?

The CaDS Foundation Clinic offers services to the residents of Crate, Mountain Dew, or Praten counties. For eligibility, patients must meet the following criteria;

Show proof of residency in any one of the three counties

Must be unable to obtain the best dental insurance

Show proof of income not higher than 200% above poverty level

What services are on offer?

donation-button-dental-insuranceLicensed hygienists and volunteer dentists will deliver basic primary dental care targeted at restoring oral health and easing pain with an all-inclusive style to oral health education. Services will include basic extractions, dental cleanings, dental fillings, oral examinations, and x-rays. Patients will be provided with details on referrals to other services for more far-reaching dental treatment.

The Dental Health (Oral Health) programs by the Community Health Services offer the low-income residents of Crate, Mountain Dew, and Praten counties that cannot afford the best dental insurance access to dental services. The aim of the Dental Health Program is to enhance the oral health of the residents of these counties, giving them the good health to be successful in employment, school, and other areas of life.





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