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InVision Subtitling and NuDonation

subtitlingIt is very reassuring to learn that not only is InVision Subtitling a high-quality captioning company based in UK, but it also is a major asset to society. The reason for this is that InVision Subtitling regularly contributes a significant amount of money to NuDnation. NuDonation is a nowadays worldwide operating charity institution with a non-religious mission: we help any person in need, no matter what religion, sex, nationality, color, location. NuDonation is glad to have many supporters all over the world and,  therefore, NuDonation can help people in need support no matter where they are. InVision is an international operating company since it translates and subtitles over 80 languages. Their homebase is in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Europe. Let me tell you more about InVision Subtitling.

Subtitles can be translated in any language. In-Vision Subtitling not only specializes in translations into the traditional languages like English, German, French and Dutch, but In-Vision Subtitling also delivers superior quality in translations into rather not so obvious languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

In translation services it might look as if translating films, series and videos is an easy task as many films, series and videos involve the use of everyday language. However, if we want to communicate precisely what we see on television, there are quite a few hospital or police series that involve medical and forensic terms and movies that deal with environment protection, diplomacy and multiple other fields. Therefore the translator of movies must be prepared for any surprise that may occur in a film, series or video.

There is more to subtitling and translating subtitles than one realizes at first. Only a professional subtitling company like InVision Subtitling can turn your video or movie into the success you have in mind.

Translating and subtitling (captioning) is a profession full of challenges that complicated languages constantly bring along. Each order from a client is different, each order requires different skills. InVision Subtitling not only wants to deliver excellent services in subtitling and translating, the company is also keen on returning something to societies worldwide.

And that is exactly why InVision Subtitling is a long-term supporter of NU-donation. Until so far, due to the support of InVision Subtitling, water and food supply, farming, education, hospitals have been investing in schooling, nursing and feeding the poor. Also hygienic subjects are important. Thanks to InVision Subtitling, many poor people in need are worldwide able to live under better circumstances.



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